Lil Keed Baby Mom Instagram: Meet Quana Bandz

Lil Keed Baby Mom Instagram

Lil Keed Baby Mom Instagram – Late Lil Keed’s partner Quana Bandz is the mother of his first-born child, NayChur, who turned three in March.

Quana Bandz used social media to send a poignant message to his fans at the time of his death.


Lil Keed Baby Mom Instagram: Meet Quana Bandz

Lil Keed, according to Quana Bandz, has been a part of her life for the past eight years and has showered her with affection.

“God wanted my boy back, but he had other ideas.” Rest easy, Prince Slime. “We will always adore you,” she concluded her statement.

Who Was Lil Keed

Lil Keed was an American rapper who recently passed away at the age of 24.

He was born in Atlanta with the real name – Raqhid Jevon Render.

Lil Keed
Image Credits: Instagram

Fans had taken to social media to express their condolences on hearing the news of his death.

Quana Bandz On Instagram

Quana Bandz has a couple of accounts on Instagram. Her handle @quanabandz.f has over 2,900 followers, while her main page, @keepnupwitquana, is currently locked.

Her daughter’s Instagram account @princessnaychur has over 9,000 followers.




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