Lily Dávila Cause Of Death: What Happened To Ulises Dávila’s Wife?

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Lily Dávila Cause Of Death

Lily Dávila Cause Of Death – Lily Davila is the wife of Ulises Davila, the Macarthur FC captain who died on May 30, 2022. Uli Jnr, the couple’s first child, was born in March 2020.

The Bulls released a brief statement on Monday, noting her death and extending their sympathy.

“At this difficult time, the club would like to express its heartfelt sympathies to Uli, Uli Jr., and the rest of the family,” the statement read.

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Ulises Dávila and his late wife Lily Dávila
Image Credit: ABC

Lily Dávila Cause Of Death

Lilly Davila, Ulises Davila’s wife, died when she was 31 years old. In order to die, she must be suffering from a major illness or have been engaged in a serious accident. There was no other explanation for her death.

The Macarthur Bulls club made the announcement on its website.

His former squad, the Wellington Phoenix, also expressed their sadness at the news.

What Happened To Ulises Dávila’s Wife?

The wife of Macarthur FC captain Ulises Davila died on Monday morning, with the A-League relaying the tragic news.

“During this terrible moment, the club would like to send its profound condolences to Uli, Uli Jnr, and the extended family,” Macarthur FC said in a statement.

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