Liquorose Brags About Men She Has Dated Calls Emmanuel Ugly (Video)

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Liquorose Brags About Men She Has Dated

Liquorose BragsLiquorose has said that she has a surplus of men at her beck and call in her DM.

She had a discussion with Sammie, where she stated that her fellow housemate, Emmanuel isn’t even as handsome as he carries himself to be.

Liquorose claims Emmanuel is not as handsome as compared to her ex-boyfriend, who she says is a basketballer.


This is coming after a possible ship between Emmanuel and Liquorose may have sank.

The dancer had yesterday confronted Emmanuel by telling him that he doesn’t even know what he wants from her. She also accused Emmanuel of playing with her feelings and emotions.

Rose also revealed that she was betrayed due to the fact that Emmanuel gave her name up as a wild card despite how intimate they were.

Liquorose Brags Watch the video below:


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