Lorie Campbell And Paul Campbell Relationship, Family, Children

Lorie Campbell – Who said that marital relationships in Hollywood do not last for long? Well, there are some marriages between actors and actresses in the industry that last for a lifetime. Lorie Campbell and Paul Campbell can be described as a power couple given that they have enjoyed a happy marriage that has lasted for more than ten years. The duo is the hottest and most loved celebrity couple in Hollywood.

Lorie Campbell
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Lorie Campbell is the wife of the famous Canadian actor, Paul Campbell. She only came into the public limelight after the said marriage to the renowned actor. The two are happily married, and they never cease to make public appearances together. Lorie and Paul have a fascinating love story that you will get to learn about in this post.


Lorie Campbell profile summary

Name: Lorie Metz Campbell

Nationality: Canadian

Relationship status: Married

Husband: Paul Campbell

Son: Kingston Campbell

Occupation: Actress

Lorie Campbell Biography

Image: instagram.com, @paulcampbellofficial Source: UGC

What is Lorie Campbell’s age? Since she has kept a low profile regarding her personal life, Lorie’s age and date of birth are unknown to the public. The details about her early life, education, and family background have not been disclosed to the public.

Is Lorie Campbell married?

Lorie Campbell is a famous Canadian actress, and her fans are interested in finding out if she is married or single. Well, she is married to a famous Hollywood actor, Paul Campbell.

There is no information available regarding their dating life and how they met. All that we know is that the two got married on 25th June 2009 in the presence of their close friends and family in Vancouver. After exchanging the wedding vows, the two rode around Stanley Park on a tandem bike and even went bar hopping.

Image: instagram.com, @paulcampbellofficial Source: UGC

They also had their second wedding in the year 2011 at Palm Springs. Paul and Lorie have been living happily together for ten years. Even after years of marriage, the two cannot get enough of each other, as they are always seen in public together. To date, there have been no rumors of extramarital affairs because the two are very loyal and faithful to each other.

Paul and Lorie Campbell’s baby

Image: instagram.com, @paulcampbellofficial Source: UGC

In 2016, Paul and Lorie were blessed with a baby boy. The name of their son is Kingston Campbell. Kingston can be described as a “miracle baby” because of the struggle that the couple went through. The couple had a long battle with infertility and had their baby via surrogacy. Today, Kingston is very happy and energetic. Lorie and Paul both post their son’s pictures on their respective social media sites.

Is Paul Campbell and Billy Campbell related?

Some time ago, there were rumors that Paul Campbell and Billy Campbell are related. However, the two are not related in any way. Billy Campbell is an American television and film actor, while Paul Campbell is a Canadian actor.

Paul Campbell & Lorie Campbell’s story is a source of inspiration not only to the other Hollywood couples but also to their fans around the world. Everyone would be interested in finding out the secrets that have made their marriage last for more than a decade, given that breakups are normal in this industry. We wish them all the best in their marriage and hope that they will remain side by side even in the future.


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