Los Angeles Lakers Owner: Does Jerry Buss Still Own The Lakers?

Los Angeles Lakers Owner

Los Angeles Lakers Owne – Jerry Buss’ 66 percent controlling ownership of the Lakers was passed down through a trust to his six children, with each kid receiving an equal vote (11 percent for each child).

His succession plan called for his daughter Jeanie to take over as Lakers governor and team representative at NBA Board of Governors meetings.


Los Angeles Lakers Owner

Jeanie Marie Buss is the controlling owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. She is the daughter of Jerry Buds (NBA).

Photo Credit: The New York Times

At the age of 19, she joined the family business as general manager of the professional tennis team Los Angeles Strings.

Does Jerry Buss Still Own The Lakers?

She went on to own the Los Angeles Blades, a professional roller hockey team in Los Angeles. Before joining the Lakers as vice president, she was president of the Great Western Forum.

Her father’s controlling ownership of the Lakers was passed down to his six children via a family trust after his death in 2013, with each sibling earning an equal vote.

Buss was named team president and was elected to the NBA Board of Governors as the Lakers’ representative. She became the first female controlling owner in NBA history to lead her club to a championship in 2020.


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