Maddie Briann Aldridge Father, Age, Accident, Instagram, Now, And Birthday Of Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter

Maddie Briann Aldridge

Maddie Briann Aldridge is a well-known American celebrity child and child actor who is most known for being the daughter of pop diva Jamie Lynn Spears.

LAS VEGAS, NV – MAY 22: (L-R) Actress Jamie Lynn Spears, Maddie Briann Aldridge, and Lynne Spears attend the 2016 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 22, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Todd Williamson/BBMA2016/Getty Images for dcp)

Maddie Briann Aldridge was born in McComb, Mississippi, to Casey Aldridge (father) and Jamie Lynn Spears on June 19, 2008. Her mother, Jamie Lynn Spears, is an American actress and singer best known for her roles in the films Entertainment Tonight (1981) and Jamie Lynn Spears: When The Lights Go Out (2016).

Maddie Briann Aldridge’s middle name, Briann, was given to her after her second cousin, Brian, died in an automobile accident in early June 2008. Her mother was 16 years old when she became pregnant, and her father was 18.

Maddie Briann Aldridge is the stepdaughter of April Watson and Jamie Watson (whom her mother married in March 2014). Skylar Aldridge and Ivey Watson are her older half-sisters.

Maddie is the niece of Ashley Havard, Bryan Spears, and Britney Spears, the famous pop artist. Preston Federline, Jayden Federline, and Sophia Alexandra Spears are her cousins.

Maddie Briann Aldridge is an Italian-American actress having an American nationality. She rose to fame as the daughter of James Lynn Spears, a well-known television actress. Maddie and her mother, Jamie Lynn, had appeared on a Nickelodeon episode of Double Dare and won $150,000. She later gave the money to the New Orleans Hospital.

Who is Maddie Briann Aldridge father?

Maddie Briann Aldridge is Casey Aldridge’s daughter. In 2008, her parents met for the first time. Jamie Lynn had revealed on December 20, 2007, that she was pregnant by her then-boyfriend Casey Aldridge.

Maddie Briann Aldridge Age

How old is Maddie Briann? At present, Maddie Briann Aldridge is 12 years old.

How much is Jamie Lynn Spears?

Jamie Lynn Spears is worth $6 million.

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL – AUGUST 14: In this handout photo provided by Disney Parks, actress and country music artist Jamie Lynn Spears poses with her husband, Jamie Watson, her six-year-old daughter Maddie and Minnie Mouse in front of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom park August 14, 2014 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Spears, the sister of pop superstar Britney Spears and former star of “Zoey 101” on Nickelodeon, lives in Nashville, Tenn. and is currently on tour to support her first country music single. Her sister Britney launched her career at Walt Disney World, starring in “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club” that taped at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. (Photo by Chloe Rice/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

Was Britney at Jamie Lynn’s wedding?

Britney was in attendance at Jamie Lynn’s wedding. Britney Spears took a break from her Las Vegas residency to be a bridesmaid in her younger sister’s wedding in New Orleans over the weekend.

Maddie Briann Aldridge Accident

Maddie Briann Aldridge was killed in a tragic accident on February 2, 2017, when her ATV overturned into a pond, trapping her beneath the water. Jamie Lynn Spears and her husband Jamie Watson dove into the water right away, but they were unable to save her.

The small child was able to be taken to the hospital by the local ambulance service. Maddie was rushed to the hospital when firefighters were able to discover a pulse, according to her mother, Jamie Lynn.

Maddie Briann Aldridge Instagram


Maddie Briann Aldridge Now

CREDITS: Instagram

CREDITS: Instagram


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