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Man over the moon as all his 34 goats get pregnant same time, reveals how he achieved it



A goat rearer recently took to TikTok to share his remarkable achievement: successfully impregnating all 34 of his female goats at the same time.

The video, posted under the TikTok handle @farminginafrica_official, has garnered widespread attention and admiration from both his followers and the farming community.

Man over the moon as all his 34 goats get pregnant same time, reveals how he achieved it

The farmer, whose identity remains undisclosed, divulged his strategy in a video.

He wrote;

“Do you know you can make all your goats pregnant at the same time? This is how you do it.”

In the video, he passionately explained his method, which involves a deep understanding of his goats’ reproductive cycles.

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According to the farmer’s narration, he closely observes the behavior and physical signs of his female goats to determine when they are in heat, a period during which they are receptive to mating.

Once he identifies this critical window, he introduces a male goat into the group, and nature takes its course.

The male goat, eager to fulfill its natural instincts, crosses with the receptive female goats, resulting in multiple pregnancies simultaneously.

The farmer’s expertise and precise timing have culminated in all 34 of his female goats becoming pregnant around the same time.

As a result of this strategic approach, the farmer expects to welcome a significant number of kid goats into his herd in January of 2024.

Netizens Reactions…

@Follow said;  “The real goat.”

@tzRoss said; That male goat is THE GOAT.”

@Sezzzy commented: “The he-goat deserves a medal.”

@Kenny said; “Justice for that he-goat.”

@DOPE DUDE commented; “I hope una buy milk give the male goat?”

@Tinaishe Sibanda said: “That goat reminds me of my heydays.”

@Eddies said; “na why dem dey call am goat.” 

@londanani said: “At first, I listened to this without reading the caption, and heard “how do we get our girls pregnant all at the same time.”

See below;

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