Matt Zimmerman Wife: Who Was Shirley Chapman?

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Matt Zimmerman Wife

Shirley Chapman was the wife of Matt Zimmerman, a Canadian actor. She was a vocalist as well as an actress. Her acting career was not particularly successful, but she did participate in two films, Gala Performance and Patience. Her songs also include the following:

Matt Zimmerman Wife: Who Was Shirley Chapman?

How did Shirley Chapman die? What was Shirley Chapman’s cause of death? Shirley Chapman died two decades before her husband’s death which occurred in 2022. Her cause of death was not revealed or disclosed at her time of passing.

What was Shirley Chapman’s age at the time of death?

How old was Shirley Chapman when she died? Shirley Chapman died at age 67.

Shirley Chapman death

When did Shirley Chapman die? Shirley Chapman died in 2002; the day and month are not known yet.

Matt Zimmerman cause of death

Matt Zimmerman, what happened to him? According to some accounts, Matt Zimmerman died after a protracted illness, although his family or close friends have yet to make an official declaration about his true cause of death.

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Matt Zimmerman – Credit: TV Guide

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