Megnutt02’s biography: age, real name, parents, TikTok drama 

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Megnutt02, whose real name is Megan Guthrie, is a famous TikTok star. She started her career on TikTok in 2019 and has become an online sensation since, attracting over 7.2 million followers.


Megan is also popular on Instagram, where she started posting her photos and videos in July 2019. She currently has 885k+ followers on the platform. Read Megan Guthrie‘s bio below to learn more about her life.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Megan Guthrie
  • Alias: Megan Nutt, Megnutt02
  • Date of birth: February 14, 2002
  • Place of birth: Miami, Florida
  • Age: 19 (as of 2021)
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 5 ft 3 in
  • Weight: 121 lbs

Megnutt02’s biography

Megnutt02 was born Megan Guthrie on February 14, 2002. As of 2021, Megan Nutt’s age is 19. The teenager was born in Miami, Florida.

Megan Guthrie’s parents are not known. However, she posted a photo of her dad on her 18th birthday on Instagram. She also has a step-brother whose identity she has not revealed.



The teenager began posting videos on TikTok in mid-2019. Megan started posting on TikTok at a time when her parents grounded her after catching her with a bottle of alcohol. The incident was soon after she had attempted to commit suicide.

In an interview with TheSync Clips podcast, Megan shared that she was depressed before she realized that she could live a happy life. During the COVID-19 lockdown period, she took time to develop self-love and has since been enjoying life and seeing the good that life has to offer.

Megan’s popularity grew after nude photos of her were leaked on the internet. Guthrie shared that some of the pictures shared were hers, while some were not. The TikTok star was strong regardless of what was going on, and she got through it without getting too troubled.

Due to her calm reaction, some people thought that she was the one who leaked the photos to gain popularity. However, she said she did not leak them but chose to be calm regardless of the situation.

The photos went viral online, and they made many people interested in Megnutt02. Guthrie got an additional 2 million followers on her TikTok account after the whole ordeal.

Megan Guthrie’s TikTok page, where she uses the username @megnutt02, has over 7.2 million followers, with a total of over 209 million likes. She has a range of videos doing singing lip-syncs, dancing, and making jokes. Her videos portray great humour and creativity.


dc~ @oh.its.phoebe ¡hasta luego!🥰♥️⚡️ 😎new pic on insta😈

♬ Bamboleo x Narcos Remix – Nalo

The TikTok star is also active on Instagram and has been posting her photos and videos since July 2019. Her Instagram account, with the username @megnutt02, has over 885k followers. She also partners with various brands and has several product advert posts.

Megnutt02 is very active on both of these platforms, and she keeps her audience engaged with new content regularly.

The teenager is also a professional face painter.

Personal life

Megan is currently assumed to be single as she has not shared about being in a relationship. .

Megnutt02 is a nineteen-year-old social media personality. She has a large following on TikTok and Instagram, keeping her fans engaged with exciting content on a regular basis.

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