Michael Tell Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, Married, Children, Grandchildren

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Popularly recognized as the wife of the late academy award-winning actress Patty Duke, Michael Tell for himself, also had a profession of a Rock promoter. However, his popularity was illuminated after Tell married Duke on 26th June 1970. The marriage didn’t last more than 13 days, after which the newly bound couple separated with an annulment.

What could be the reason behind the 13-day married life of Michael Tell with Patty Duke, the question leaves a curiosity behind, and the shocking reason is covered to the best within this article. Also, the vital information on the net worth of Michael Tell, his wife and children are presented. Stay tuned.

Who is Michael Tell?

Michael Tell is an American national, born somewhere in the US, made out a career as a promoter. Meanwhile, the information about his parents, family, and educational background is unavailable. The white American dude drew the media attention due to his affair and marriage with the actress Patty Duke, out of the blue at the end of June 1970. Another unexpected twist came to the promoter’s life when they broke the validity of their marriage, in a mere 13 days.

Although the events in the life of Michael Tell, and his wife appears to be more filmy and instantaneous, it was later assumed for the events were prearranged and had an intention to give a paternal name to their son, Sean Astin, who was born on February 1971, in a mere 8 months of their marriage.  Patty at times insisted on Arnaz Jr, to be Astin’s biological father, but proof of Tell’s fatherhood eventually came with the paternity testing later in his life.

Michael Tell wife patty with her son Sean 1
Michael Tell ex-wife Patty Duke with her son Sean Astin

Michael Tell Net Worth. How much is Patty Duke ex-husband’s worth?

Michael Tell’s net worth is accounted for his career as a rock promoter, which does indeed has a good pay. The youth had a quite magnificent role in promoting the music and to build an audience base, which must have brought him afflictions with larger companies and artists in his life to attract a handful of money.

Michael Tell net worth
Promoter, Michael Tell net worth is $1 million

The net worth of Michael Tell is as of 2019 is estimated at a promising figure of 1 million USD.  As for the curiosity, Patty Duke, his actress ex-wife, was a $10 million valued personality.

Michael Tell Wife, Married, Children

Michael Tell’s then-wife, Patty Duke, although shared only a 13 days conjugal relationship with him, they have an actor son out of their bondage. The couple is known to have met in a restaurant and started dating each other. However, his ex-wife is known to have dated three different men, including Desi Arnaz Jr. and John Astin prior to their marriage, and the time the lady married to Tell, was already pregnant.

Michael Tell wife
Michael Tell with his ex-wife Patty Duke

It is guessed that Tell at the time of his marriage didn’t know that Patty was pregnant, which gave him the urge to break out of the newfound companionship. No wonder, he realized later, that her tummy had his own creation.

Who was Michael Tell’s wife, Patty Duke?

Patty Duke (Anna Marie Duke) was born on 14th December 1946, in Manhattan. She pursued her career as an Actress, author, and mental health advocate. As a wife to the rock promoter, Michael Tell, she spent a mere 13 days of her life, which Is fairly short.

Patty duke
American actress, Patty Duke

However, her fame came with the Academy Award handed to her for her performance in The Miracle Worker (1962) as Hellen Keller, which keeps her alive in millions of hearts, even after her sad demise at the age of 69 on March 29, 2016, due to an intestinal infection.

Family and Grandchildren

Michael Tell has two grandchildren, namely Alexandra, Elizabeth Louise, and Isabella Louise Astin. Further information on Tell’s family is, however, unavailable at the moment, but it is known that Ali Astin is his former wife’s granddaughter, and the beauty is well known for her role in the movie, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003).

Michael grandchildren
Michael Tell grandchildren Alexandra Astin and Elizabeth Louise Astin

Personal life

The grey-eyed blonde dude lives his old age, and his inactivity in social platforms has kept most of his personal secrets to himself. He is known for his healthy lifestyle along with good physical attributes and healthiness despite his age. He is known to have an average height, but the mathematical figures are unknown.

Quick Facts on Michael Tell

Full name Michael Tell
Age Around the ’70s
Birthdate N/A
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Rock Promoter
Spouse Patty Duke
Net worth $1 million
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Marital Status Divorced
Children 1
Zodiac N/A
Social Media N/A

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