Mirtha Jung bio: What do we know about George Jung’s wife? 

Interesting facts about Mirtha Jung bio: What is known about George Jung's wife?
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We are always fascinated by the lives of the rich and the famous. While some rise to fame due to show business, drug lords and smugglers have also been recognized in America. Mirtha Jung is renowned because of her famous husband, who was a drug dealer.

Mirtha Jung bio
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What is Mirtha Jung age? Mirtha was born on 3rd December 1952 in Cuba. She is currently 67 years as of 2020.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Mirtha Calderon
  • Date of birth: 3rd December, 1952
  • Birthplace: Cuba
  • Nationality: Cuban, American
  • Children: Kristina Sunshine Jung
  • Famous as: Ex-wife of George Jung

Mirtha Jung biography

Here is a look at Mirtha’s career, net worth, and husband.

Mirtha Jung real life and career

Professionally, Mirtha is a poet, entrepreneur, and writer. She rose to fame following the release of the movie Blow in the year 2001. The film was about her drug smuggler ex-husband George Jung. In the movie, Mirtha’s role was played by Penelope Cruz while Johnny Depp played the role of George.

She was also famously known as a drug smuggler, a job she was introduced to by her husband. The two smuggled drug substances for a long time before breaking up. Many believe that she had a significant role in her husband’s drug trade business in the late ’70s and ’80s.

It is said that Mirtha was involved and helped George in smuggling drugs to America from Colombia. Few years into the business, she was caught and imprisoned for several years. After her release from prison, she changed her ways and had a stable career.


Mirtha Jung and George Jung

Mirtha Jung young met George in Colombia through one of his Colombian coc*ine friends. She was just 24 years old at the time and she was 10 years younger than George. They dated each other for a few years before they got married in 1977.

They were blessed with a beautiful daughter on 1 August 1978. She loved George dearly, but a couple of years after their marriage, their relationship soured. Their drug-related lives destroyed their marriage, leading to a divorce in the year 1984.

After the divorce, George married Ronda Clay Spinelli. It is not clear whether Mirtha remarried or found another husband after her divorce. George currently lives in San Diego with Ronda.


The Jungs’ daughter

Mirtha and George had a daughter Kristine Sunshine Jung. Kristina is a businesswoman and actress. She was raised in the hands of her grandfather after her parents were arrested due to drug trafficking. Kristina is now married to Roman Reigns.

Life after the divorce – Is Mirtha still alive?

Yes, George Jung wife Mirtha is still alive. She has gradually changed her lifestyle, putting drug addiction behind her, and defeating all the issues that come with the recovery process.

She has not been actively involved in any criminal activities but has also chosen not to disclose what she’s doing today. She is now doing everything in her power to retain the love and trust of her beautiful daughter Kristine Sunshine Jung.


Mirtha Jung net worth

Despite almost losing everything after her divorce, she is still a rich woman. According to various sources, her net worth is guesstimated to be $150k.

Being a drug dealer’s wife requires a lot of guts and courage, and that is how Mirtha Jung wife of George Jung survived part of her life. She is an incredibly independent and strong woman. Little is known about her current life; she keeps a low profile and stays out of the limelight.

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