MISSING: Where Is Jason Jadwin? Who Is Jason Jadwin’s Wife Jen Jadwin?

What happened to Jason Jadwin? Jason Jadwin, a Cincinnati Bengals fan, has gone missing in Nashville, Tennessee. Jen, his wife, just posted a Facebook message begging for assistance because she feels something is up.

She further stated that the police will not assist her until 48 hours have elapsed, and she has been unable to reach her spouse.


MISSING: Where Is Jason Jadwin?

It’s been around four hours after she posted a request for assistance on Facebook. Jen, Jason Jadwin’s wife, writes in the post about what transpired and how the incident occurred, as described above.

She also discusses her interactions with hospitals and police, before going on to explain her man’s appearance.

Jason Jadwin
Image Credit: Showbizcorner

When Jason went out to track his phone, he was wearing a Joe Burrow jersey and Cincinnati Bengals shoes.

The incident appears to have occurred on January 23. When he and his wife were in a bar called Rippys Honky Tonk, his phone was taken.

Jadwin went to return it when they located its whereabouts using Jen’s phone. However, it has been several hours and the man has not returned, which concerns the woman since she fears the worst. Jason Jadwin’s whereabouts are unknown.

Who Is Jason Jadwin’s Wife Jen Jadwin?

As she begs for aid, the woman also admits that the couple lived alone and that she has no one other than her spouse.


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