Molly Shannon father accident: Molly Shannon Talks Father’s Alcoholism

Molly Shannon father accident

Molly Shannon father accident – Molly Helen Shannon is an actress and comedian from the United States who appeared on Saturday Night Live from 1995 through 2001.

Molly Shannon was born to James Francis Shannon, a sales manager, and Mary Margaret “Peg” (née Keating), a teacher.


Molly Shannon’s mother, younger sister, and cousin were killed in a vehicle accident when she was four years old, as a result of her father’s drunk driving.

Molly Shannon claimed that her father had been drinking all day at a family gathering and had urged her mother to drive the day of the accident.

“Hello, Molly!” she writes in her new memoir. Molly Shannon revealed how she found out her father was gay in an interview with “The Howard Stern Show.”

Molly Shannon claims that her mother was aware of his sexuality before she died.

Molly Shannon father accident:

Molly Shannon expressed herself as follows:

“I believe he tried to tell my mother before that,” says the author.

“I saw this psychiatrist, and the doctor said I’m a latent gay,” he explained.

‘Oh, that psychiatrist should never have told you that,’ says the patient.

Molly Shannon also asked her father a direct question while they were at a hotel for her press junket for the 2001 romantic comedy “Serendipity” during downtime.

Shannon said he died around six months later, at the age of 72.

“I just questioned him by the pool one day, ‘Have you ever considered you could be gay?'” she explained. “And he just said, ‘Most sure,'” says the narrator.

“He did his utmost to raise us, and after the automobile accident, he had to learn to walk again with braces on his legs, so I admired him,” Molly Shannon said.

“He put in a lot of effort… He was so ashamed of himself.”

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