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“My father is insisting on 50 million as my bride price” – Lady cries out for advice



Kenyan lady has cried out for advice over her father who insists that her fiancée pays 50 million as her bride price.

The 29-year-old business administration graduate revealed that she’s dating a primary school dropout who works as farmer.

“My father is insisting on 50 million as my bride price” – Lady cries out for advice
Heartbroken lady.

She said that when she told her father that her fiancee’s plan about paying bride price, he inform her that it’s 50 million shillings and he’s determined about it.

She wrote:

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“Greetings Ssalongo Ssali

l am a girl aged 29. I have a degree in business administration. I have no serious job yet. My parents are local peasants but they painfully managed to pay all my school fees from nursery up to University.

After University, I immediately got a man who is now serious with plans to marry me. He’s a kind of hardworking man who stopped in primary 7 and dropped out of school. He then started a small farm. It’s still a young farm with only 500 birds and some few animals. I am currently helping him to grow the farm but he still lacks capital.

He however has a plan to visit my parents and do the introduction in order to legalize our marriage even before expanding the farm.

Recently i went home and told my father about the preparation to take my husband to visit them and find out the pride price my parents need.

My dad told me openly that he wants 50 Million Shillings from my husband as the bride price and he insisted! But to be honest, that money is too much for my husband. He can’t raise it because he has no parents to support him. They all died. He was raised by his poor uncle.

We have tried all means to convince my father to reduce on that amount but he has refused. Now I am confused.

Should i leave my poor man and look for a well off man who can raise this amount or I should ignore my father’s words and secretly continue with my marriage?

Kindly advise me.”

“My father is insisting on 50 million as my bride price” – Lady cries out for advice

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