Facts about Jon Taffer’s Wife Nicole Taffer; Her Age, Career, Family, Kids, Married Life

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Facts about Jon Taffer’s Wife Nicole Taffer; It must be difficult not to have to mention a tiresome burden to be married or involved with a celebrity especially if you have been dating a star for a long time or even married then kiss your privacy goodbye. However many better halves of celebrity wife or girlfriend have somehow managed to lead a private married an family life outside the prying lens of the cameras, so today learn about one of such celebrity partners, Nicole Taffer who is none other than the wife of the famous host and entrepreneur Jon Taffer.

You must have at least heard of Jon Taffer from his hit Spike TV reality show ‘Bar Rescue’ or also from his successful veteran experience and recognition in the hospitality companies and other entrepreneurship institutes but what do you know about his wife, Nicole Taffer. Let’s change that by learning about their family and married life together with kids. Do not forget to learn about her career, age, and bio as well.

Nicole Taffer, Wife of Jon Taffer

Nicole Taffer is famous for being the wife of the TV personality, entrepreneur, and consultant Jon Taffer. We don’t know anything much about Nicole except for her appearance in her husband’s show ‘Bar Rescue,’ every once in a while. Technically she also is a TV personality with enough credits to have her own IMDb page. But other then that there is not much on her even her IMDb bio only states her being married to husband, Jon Taffer.

Nicole Taffer Wife of Jon Taffer wiki bio

Nicole Taffer’s Career and Husband

As we said, Nicole Taffer does not have any other credentials to her career other than her association with her husband and their show ‘Bar Rescue.’ Her Husband, Jon on the other hand, is a well-known personality thanks to the hit reality TV series ‘Bar Rescue’ where he started appearing since its release in 2011. The show is about helping to struggle businesses, particularly bars, nightclubs and pubs through the expertise of the veteran consultant and entrepreneur in the field, Jon Taffer. In his career, Jon has achieved numerous things. He claims to have started more than 600 companies and also works as a consultant on his firm called Taffer Dynamics Inc. His career does not just limit to just business as he is a book author by the title of ‘Raise the Bar’ in 2013. It is due to his long work as such a successful businessperson his estimated net worth is around 10 million dollars.
With a net worthy like that his wife Nicole must not require to have a career of her own. But she still seems to make an effort even appearing as a mystery shopper who analyzes a bar before her husband starts his work. Mystery Shopping is a business tool used by companies to measure the quality or gather information on products or services before accessing it and also analyzing its compliance with the regulation.

Nicole Taffer career age wiki bio
Caption:- Nicole Taffer is well known to the public by her reality TV series with her husband called “Bar Rescue.”

Nicole Taffer’s Family and Married Life with Jon Taffer and Kids

Nicole Taffer may not be a famous personality or businessman like her husband, but that certainly does not mean Nicole has any less recognition when it comes to their married life or family. There are not many details that they like to give out about their married or family life, but some details seem always to slip out. The two had tied the knot we can guess that they have been married for a long time just looking at them. They often share photos of themselves over the social media which clearly shows how strongly in love they are. He shared a picture of them in last year’s Valentine’s Day celebrating the 21 years he had known her signifying that they have been together for 22 years.

21 years ago I met my special Valentine @NicoleTaffer. Happy Valentine’s Day to the one I love today and always….

— Jon Taffer (@jontaffer) February 14, 2017

Jon has also been recorded saying that his wife Nicole is the only one who can put up with him, his angry attitude and boring life. Nicole is Jon’s second wife, and the identity of his first wife is a mystery. They only have one kid together, and it’s a daughter. Their kid is all grown up now, 28 years of age. Even she is already married to a Cody Hanley. She got engaged in 29th March 2014 and married on 15th September 2015. They don’t have any kids yet, but Samantha already calls herself a Fur parent for her dog. She seems to be following her parents Nicole and Jon when it comes to leading a happy married life.

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