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Monday, September 20, 2021

Motherhood No Easy’ — Reactions As Nursing Mother Uses Umbrella Inside A Shopping Mall [VIDEO]

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Nursing Mother Uses Umbrella Inside A Shopping Mall – The unidentified mother could be seen walking in the lobby of shopping mall with her child strapped to her back as he holds the umbrella.

Reacting to the video, Instagram users alluded to the fact that the nursing mother presumably forgot to put off the umbrella which she used to protect the child under the hot sun.

Some Nigerians attributed this to stress and excessive thinking as a mother making her forget to do the needful. Nursing Mother Uses Umbrella Inside A Shopping Mall

Nursing Mother Uses Umbrella Inside A Shopping Mall Watch the video below;

Here are some reactions to the video below;



Am sure she forgot she was even holding an umbrella motherhood nor easy


She is actually stressed that’s why she forgot, big up to all the mothers


Shes a mother and she’s addicted to protecting her son from the sun so I don’t see any reason you have to mock her


If you are a Mother, you will be able to relate… no be the one wey e dey una e dey her for there o. Mama’s mind is stuck on Baby’s safety and a billion other things that needs to be done


She is protecting the child from sun, so she forgot… It’s no big deal



😂motherhood indeed isn’t easy. She probably subconsciously thinks she’s still outside and protecting her baby from sun

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