Paul Haggis Arrested: What Did Paul Haggis Do?

Paul Haggis Arrested

Paul Haggis, an Oscar-winning Canadian screenwriter and filmmaker, was arrested in Ostuni, Southern Italy, on charges of sexual assault and aggravated physical harm perpetrated on a lady who has yet to be identified.

The accuser was not Italian, according to a statement from the prosecutor’s office in nearby Brindisi, which ordered the arrest.


Paul Haggis
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According to the complaint, he took the woman to the Papola Casale airport in Brindisi on Friday after two days of nonconsensual intercourse and left her there “at the first lights of dawn, despite the woman’s precarious bodily and psychological states.”

Mr. Haggis, 69, “would have forced the young woman, whom he had met sometime before, to endure sexual intercourse,” according to some allegations.

In 2018, four women accused Paul of sexual assault in the United States, including two rape charges.


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