Rajesh Nihalani Biography And Net Worth

Rajesh Nihalani

Rajesh Nihalani is an Indian designer and bespoke tailor best known as the spouse of Archi Panjabi, a well-known Indian actress best known for playing Kalinda Sharma in the television series “The Good Wife.”

Rajesh Nihalani hasn’t provided any personal information to the media. His wife’s celebrity has contributed to his fame. Rajesh Nihalani, on the other hand, has a love for design and it was said that he would become a bespoke tailor.


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Archie Panjabi and Rajesh Nihalani wed on 1 January 1970; they are currently childless. Despite not having children yet, their marriage got stronger over the course of the year.

Rajesh Nihalani Net Worth

Rajesh Nihalani net worth has not been estimated yet. However, looking at his career as a designer and owner of other businesses, Rajesh Nihalani will have about $500,000 net worth.

Rajesh Nihalani Tailor

Rajesh Nihalani has passion for designing and clothing. He was initially designer but later ventured into clothing where he took a career of bespoke tailor who only takes contracts based on people’s details. He takes measurements of people and design or sows dresses based on their measurement.

Archie Panjabi wife of Rajesh Nihalani 

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Archie Panjabi and Rajesh Nihalani were wed on January 1st, 1970. They first met in the 1960s. Despite not having children, the couple is content in their marriage.


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