Richard Engel Children: Meet Theodore Engel and Henry Engel

Richard Engel

Theodore and Henry Engel are the couple’s two sons, who are American journalists Richard Engel and Mary Forrest.

Theodore Engel


In August 2019, Theodore was born. On the Today Show, his father had announced his son’s birth. For his entire family, it was an exciting time. Now 3 years old, Theodore.

Henry Engel

Henry was born in 2015.

Henry had suffered from Rett Syndrome all through his life, which led to his death on August 18, 2022,  at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Rett Syndrome, is an uncommon brain disorder that causes slow development

Who Is Richard Engel?

Richard Engel serves as NBC News’ chief overseas reporter.

Richard, who was born on September 16, 1973, has worked for NBC as a Middle East journalist and the head of the Beirut office.

He worked as a contract reporter for ABC News in May 2003, where he covered a portion of the Iraq War.

Richard was brought up by a Jewish father and a Swedish mother in Manhattan, New York City.

After completing his studies at Riverdale Country School, he went on to Stanford University to pursue his interest in international relations.

He interned at CNN Business News in New York while a student and wrote for The Stanford Daily.

Richard has a wealth of journalism experience, having covered the Arab Spring, the Syrian Civil War, and the Iraq War. He received the Medill Medal for Courage in Journalism in recognition of his journalism work for his article “War Zone Diary.”


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