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Rita Edochie responds to Sarah Martins’ denial of scheming against Danielle Edochie

Rita Edochie

Rita Edochie, a veteran actress, has responded to Sarah Martins‘ use of social media to deny plotting against May’s daughter, Danielle.

Rita Edochie recalled incidents and occasions when Sarah Martins meddled in Yul’s family’s problems by reposting Sarah Martins’ video on her Facebook.

Rita Edochie responds to Sarah Martins' denial of scheming against Danielle Edochie

She went on to describe what Sarah Martins had stated about May Edochie.

Rita Edochie concluded by saying that Sarah Martins should not push her into starting a live session to resolve issues since it will generate a lot of problems.

In her words:

“So you don’t have any business with yul edochie family yet
Number 1, you said queen may should leave her matrimonial home if she doesn’t want to be numbered.
2, you said queen may went to london with another woman’s husband.
3, you said the truth of yul edochie’s reason for getting a second wife will soon come out in which you later said that queen may cheated on her husband.
4, you always addressed her as aba made queen.
5, your first time on daddyfrezz live you said queen may is not a good wife to yul edochie … you said a lot.
You said judy has been the one talking care of yul which is why he went ahead to marry her.
The other day you merged queen may edochie family picture with judy’s own saying ” as it should be.
Still you don’t have any business with yul’s family.
Listen you explain tire.
But my own is you people should not allow me come live to talk this issue because if I do hmmmmm a lot will go wrong.

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