Robert Noah: All What You Need To Know About Trevor Noah’s Father

Robert Noah is a German who, during apartheid, used a special permission to serve black people to build one of the first integrated restaurants in Johannesburg. Trevor Noah, a South African comedian, TV host, producer, writer, political commentator, and actor, is his son.

Robert Noah (Photo: passportsandbooks)


Robert Noah hated racism and homogeneity of any kind. He had this kind of feeling because of lack of understanding about why apartheid existed. He couldn’t understand why white people discovered Africa if they didn’t like black people.

Robert opened the first integrated restaurants in Johannesburg during apartheid through a special license to serve black people. The licenses were distributed by the government out of necessity. The establishment of the restaurant was a success. But some white people petitioned to have Robert’s restaurant shut down. At first, the inspectors tried to shut down the restaurant for health violations, but Robert, like most Swiss-Germans, was anything but unclean. They used an alternative means by mandating him to have a separate toilet for each race of patron. It was an impossible task, and Robert wouldn’t comply, but he eventually closed down the restaurant

After apartheid, Robert moved to a newly segregated area called Yeoville. He now had the privilege to take Noah to play in the nearby park with kids from various races because there was no fear of going to prison. Father and son met every Sunday afternoon at Robert’s house, which was great news for Noah, who got to skip black church.

Trevor Noah and Robert Noah (Photo: CNN)

Robert usually cooks his favorite meal whenever his son visits: a German dish called Rösti, a potato pancake with gravy. Robert was a quiet person, but a good father, always attentive, affectionate, and generous.

Robert Noah relocated to Cape Town and almost lost touch with his son when Trevor was just 13. Almost 7 years passed and Patricia encouraged Trevor to make a trip to Cape Town where he reunited with his father. Trevor was constantly doubtful of his dad’s love at the time they lost touch. Fortunately, Robert presented his son with a scrapbook of all the things he (Trevor) had done from the time he (Robert) moved to Cape Town. Trevor got the assurance that his father loved him.

The book contained all cutouts featuring Trevor’s frequent news in local newspapers. Others were cutouts featuring advertisements for his stand-up shows. Till now Trevor Noah doesn’t know anything about Robert’s extended family or what his life was like before Patricia. All that Noah knows is that his father was a chef in Canada and New York who opened some bars and restaurants in South Africa.


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