Roman Reigns Arrested: What Did He Do?

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has been detained, according to reports. According to reports, a briefcase was just thrown into the ring, and Roman Reigns was detained as a result of the incident.

The briefcase was stuffed with cash, and the guy who tossed it into the ring vanished. The fan’s motive for throwing the case in the middle of the trial is unknown.


Roman Reigns Arrested: What Did He Do?

Roman Reign
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According to the statement, other fans noticed the bag, which was a replica of one shown in WWE shows, and began chanting for the man to hurl the briefcase into the ring. An excited spectator threw the briefcase into the ring, striking Roman Reigns in the back.

No one was hurt in the event, according to the onlooker. More information on the situation has yet to be released.


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