Sale Of The Century: Roman Abramovich To Sell Chelsea For More Than £3 Billion

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Sale Of The Century

Sale Of The Century – Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea, is expected to sell the club for more than £3 billion.

The billionaire is considering selling his share in the club, which he purchased in 2003.

Abramovich has engaged a group of US financiers who have previously expressed an interest in sports ownership agreements in the hopes of weeding out serious candidates.8097787F 94C5 4F46 8ED1 9B918CB45FE9

The news came after Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss said Abramovich had approached him.

“Abramovich is one of Vladimir Putin’s closest advisers and friends,” claimed Wyss, an 86-year-old businessman who currently lives in Wyoming, USA.

Sale Of The Century: Roman Abramovich To Sell Chelsea For More Than £3 Billion

He stated, “Like all other oligarchs, he is in a panic.”

“Abramovich is attempting to sell all of his English villas. He also wants to get rid of Chelsea as soon as possible.

“On Tuesday, Abramovich made an offer to me and three other people to acquire Chelsea.”

“I have to wait four to five days now,” Wyss remarked. Currently, Abramovich is asking for far too much. Chelsea owes him £2 billion, as you may know.

“However, Chelsea is cash-strapped. It basically means that whoever buys Chelsea must compensate Abramovich.

“We don’t know the actual selling price as of today.”

“I could easily see myself starting at Chelsea with a partner. But first, I need to look at the overall situation.

“I can already say this: I’m not going to accomplish something like this by myself.” If I were to buy Chelsea, I would do so with a group of six to seven investors.”

Wyss’ remarks appear to be setting up a bidding war, with at least two additional rival bids rumored to be on the table.

The club has declined to comment on the subject, but it appears that Abramovich is attempting to sell his Chelsea shares.

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