Sarah Mathers Biography: Net Worth And Age Of Eminem’s Sister

Sarah Mathers

Half-sister Sarah Mathers is related to the well-known White rapper Eminem. When her father made the public announcement that Sarah and Eminem were half-siblings, Sarah Mathers rose to fame.

Sarah Mathers Biography


The sole child of Eminem’s father, Marshall Jr., second marriage is Sarah Mathers. Sarah Mathers claims that despite her parents divorcing before she turned ten, her father and she remained close. In California, Sarah Mathers was raised.

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Sarah Mathers Net Worth

Unlike her brother, Eminem, Sarah Mathers is not a celebrity, she is a waitress in California, United States of America, and as such does not have and own much. Sarah Mathers has an estimated net worth of $70,000.00.

Sarah Mathers Age

Sarah Mathers was born in the year 1998 and as such is 23 years in the year 2021.

Sarah Mathers NBA

Most often, people tend to think Sarah Mathers is an executive of the National Basketball Association (NBA), however, the half-sister of Eminem has no link to the NBA. The NBA has a Sarah Mathers who is the Senior Director, Security for the NBA’s online webinar.

Psychologist of Eminem’s Sister

There are no records of Sarah Mathers having a psychologist, however, it is worth noting that, Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade Scott Mathers is a student of psychology with Michigan State University.


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