Scott Baio Dead: Scott Baio Death Hoax Debunked

Scott Baio, the young star from Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi, deserves your tears. He didn’t die in a plane crash, despite what you may have read. In a June 1 piece, the phony news site Daily USA Update described his death.


Baio uploaded this photo on Twitter the next day, flexing his bicep in support of American troops as part of the USO’s Flex4Forces campaign.

According to the story, “Scott Baio, 56, was killed when his single-engine Cessna slammed into the side of a hill in Louisiana.” “Baio was on his way to Mar-A-Lago to grill shrimp and play golf with President Trump,” according to the report.

The observant reader will observe that “gold” has been substituted for “golf.”

The inaccuracy was discovered, along with the rest of the article, in a post on a similar fake news website on May 29. On the same day, the rumor-monitoring website Snopes deemed it fake. Baio isn’t the first person to be declared dead too soon. According to a 1997 hoax, he died in an automobile accident.

Scott Baio is dead Pants on Fire, according to the Daily USA Update headline!


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