Shahana Model Husband: Who Is Sajjad And Why Was He Arrested?

Shahana Model Husband

Shahana Model Husband – Model Shahana’s husband is Sajjad. For the past year and a half, Sajad and Shahana have been married. On May 13, Shahana was discovered dead in her Kozhikode apartment. Shahana was a Kasaragod native and the daughter of Althaf.

Her body was discovered in her leased flat in Parambil Bazar, hanging from a window grill. Sahana’s husband, Sajjad, claimed she committed suicide, although her relatives claimed he harassed her on a regular basis over money and other matters.


Shahana Model Husband: Who Is Sajjad And Why Was He Arrested?

Image Credit: Sahana/Instagram

Sajjad was arrested after regular arguments and disputes between the husband and wife, and the police are looking into domestic violence and murder possibilities.

Sajjad was previously employed in Qatar, but he and Sahana relocated to Kozhikode. After Sahana informed her family that her in-laws and sister-in-law were torturing her together with Sajjad, her mother advised that the two move out of their family home.

They just moved to a leased residence in Kozhikode’s Parambil Bazar, where she was later discovered dead.


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