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Sharina Hudson Baby

Sharina Hudson Baby – Massage therapist Sharina Hudson is from the United States. But Kevin Hunter, the manager and spouse of Wendy Willaims, has made her famous as his girlfriend and rumored mistress. Today, we’ll try to reveal her facts, such as her relationships, rumors, and more. If you scroll down the page, you can learn more about Sharina Hudson.

Many people are curious about Miss Hudson and how the scandal affected her life. She has long been the subject of media rumors. How long has she been dating Kevin Hunter, and is their relationship still going strong? Many things about this stunning woman’s background will surprise you.

Kevin is actually juggling two relationships. He divides his time between Sharina, his kept mistress, and his wife Wendy Williams. The media predicted that Wendy would now divorce her husband when it was revealed that Sharina was expecting Kevin’s child and would give birth to a Oops baby, but that didn’t happen.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Sharina Hudson
  • Birth year: 1986
  • Age: 33 years old
  • Birthplace: North Carolina, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Afro-American
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1 m 75 cm)

Latest on Sharina Hudson

The main character in this story has never divulged any details about her upbringing, education, or personal life. Therefore, prior to her making headlines, not much was known about her. Sharina Hudson was born in 1986, making her age 33.

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She came from North Carolina and studied there before making a career as a massage therapist. She had a lot of clients who used her services. Before she started a romance with Hunter, she was never involved in the world of celebrities. There is not a lot of information about her massage business either.

Kevin Hunter love story with Sharina Hudson

Before meeting his new flame, Kevin was with his wife Wendy Williams for 22 years. He married the popular host in 1997, and their son Kevin Hunter Jr. was born in 2000. However, at one point, Wendy’s husband became captivated by the beauty and charm of Sharina and started a secret affair with her.

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For about ten years, the couple tried to hide their romantic connection from both the media and Wendy. They tried to hide from photographers that were eager to take some snaps of them. However, the truth finally came to light when the paparazzi caught them together. They also got exclusive Sharina Hudson pictures, where Kevin’s new love was wearing a shiny diamond ring on her finger. It is unknown when the proposal took place, but many people assume that Hunter was still Wendy’s husband at the time.

Screenshot 20200416 213423

Eventually, the rumours that Sharina was pregnant started circulating in the media. In 2019, Kevin finally split from his wife Wendy, who had to pay him $250,000 post-divorce.

After her divorce, the famous host admitted that she had a bad feeling about her husband’s cheating tendencies. She was deeply hurt by his behaviour and it took her many years before she finally decided to file for divorce.

At first, she did not want to ruin the long-lasting marriage, but Sharina’s pregnancy was the last straw for her. Still, she decided to take care of herself after the messy split and be more confident. Additionally, she revealed that she has no plans of meeting her ex-husband’s new family, and wants to get married again.

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Meanwhile, Kevin Hunter is now Sharina Hudson boyfriend, and the two live together. There are rumours about a $765,000 house in Morristown, New Jersey, that Kevin bought for his new lover. Even though the media did not take well to Wendy’s ex-husband of many years going behind her back to meet his new spark, he is happy with his mistress. They can now be public instead of thoroughly hiding their connection.

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Sharina Hudson baby

The child of Sharina and Kevin was born in March 2019. According to blogger Tasha K and the information that she revealed on her live stream, the baby girl’s name is Journey.

Sharina Hudson net worth

The net worth of this lady is hard to estimate because her lifestyle is rather private, and she does not flaunt any riches. However, her approximate net worth is $500,000. A lot of her earnings come from her massage therapist job.

Is Sharina on social media?

Screenshot 20200613 150803

After the whole Sharina Hudson Wendy Williams drama, the massage therapist was forced to lead a private way of life. She has to hide many aspects of her life to avoid excessive attention from the media and public judgement for dating a married man. Therefore, there is no Sharina Hudson Instagram or Facebook account, and she does not post her pictures anywhere, so searching for her social media would not give any results.

However, there are some photos of her available, which were taken by paparazzi. In these photos, we can see that she is an attractive young woman with a sense of style.

Sharina Hudson is quite a controversial figure due to dating Wendy Williams’ cheating husband for many years. People still debate whether her actions were morally right, but she is now leading a life outside of the limelight and seems to be happy with her long-time boyfriend.

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