Slay Queen Who Had Liposuction & Now In Pain Advices Girls To Love Themselves How They Are (VIDEO)

Slay Queen – We have chanced upon a video of a slay queen who went under the knife to enhance her physical features.

The lady is known in Instagram with the handle, @missrfabulous and making her post, she shared her daily ordeal after the surgery.


She stated in her post that she has regretted enhancing her body since she is now facing the consequences of her actions.

Sharing the photo, she wrote;

“Today marks a whole 1 year since I’ve been dealing with major complications and pains due to doing surgery in turkey my biggest regret is doing a BBL. ( 1 week of being in hospital) this is something that I have to live with and see everyday
Believe it or not I have lost so much confidence within myself during lockdown not being able to go gym has I struggle to work out at home has caused me me to put on weight and it’s just gotten even worst
I can’t help but think to myself why did I do this man smh it wasn’t worth it at all.

I used to look at pictures of models on Instagram and wished I looked that way. I was so lazy to get my ass in the gym and do it the right way. I deal with trolls and people attacking me for my thigh any chance they get. It took me so long to accept my new appearance and how my thigh looks I had to accept the changes. Losing confidence and self love within myself lead to me wanting validation from others I completely forgot who I was before I done this.
and if I can change minds and young women from wanted to do this I will forever tell my story.
yes I was admitted to hospital recently for my thigh because I couldn’t walk or move my leg it completely stop I was meant to do surgery but God came through for me I wasn’t pregnant and they wasn’t gonna remove my leg ( put those rumours to bed ) I just didn’t want anyone to know.

But moral of the story love yourself and if your not happy with your body look at my pictures and I hope you think twice before doing anything you will regret.
I gotta live with this and I regret it everyday been so used to having a thigh like this can’t believe today makes a year 💔🤯 #bblturkey #bbloggersuk #bblrecovery #loveyourself”

Slay Queen


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