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Solar Power’s ‘feral’ artwork is explained by Lorde.




Lorde’s artwork for ‘Solar Power’ has been described as “a little bit feral.”

The ‘Royals’ singer has revealed her bottom on the cover of her upcoming third studio album, which was shot from the ground and portrays her jumping over the camera.

She explained the photo was taken by a friend while appearing on ‘The Late Reveal with Stephen Colbert,’ who weren’t authorized to show the artwork on air.

“It was simply me jumping over a pal on the beach,” she explained. It’s a little hardcore, but it made me so happy.

“It seemed innocent, playful, and a touch savage,” she says.

The 24-year-old singer stunned her email subscribers earlier this month when she announced her new album, which is inspired by the “natural world.”

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“There’s someone I’d like you to meet,” she wrote.

“She walks around with her feet exposed at all times. She’s seductive, playful, savage, and unafraid. When summer comes around, she’s a modern girl in a vintage bikini, in touch with her past and future, vibrating at her maximum level. Her skin is flawless, and she has a plethora of suitors. I’m utterly enamored with her, and you’ll be as well.

Solar Power’s ‘feral’ artwork is explained by Lorde

Lorde on ‘Colbert’ (Still via YouTube)

“It gives me great joy to finally introduce you to SOLAR POWER, my third studio album. (sic)”

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She also expressed her desire for fans to use the record as their summer soundtrack.

“There’s SO much more detail to come – a pretty hilarious amount of detail, to be honest,” she continued. You can get cues from the natural calendar. I’m trying to pay closer attention to what’s going on, and the impression I received was that you’re ready for it, that you require it. This is the record I want you to listen to on the way to the beach this summer. As the months turn cooler again, the one that remains on your skin like a tan.

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“Did you realize that today is the only solar eclipse of the year? “It just feels right.”



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