Slay queen share video of her sponsor bathing with huge snake [video]

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huge snake

sponsor bathing with huge snake – Slay Queen share video of her sponsor bathing with huge snake…. South African slay queen has seen herself trending after she did the unthinkable. She pulled a shocker when she decided to bite a hand that feeds her.

The slay queen named Faay Nice has since gone Awol after share a millionaire’s bath routine video. To many it might be like a typical African movie scene from a movie but it is real.

She leaked a video of celebrated Nigerian blesser Mr Jacob bathing with a big snake in his bathing room.

Rumor has it that trouble brewed when Fay Nice (Fathima Ndlovu) share the voodoo secret of her Nigerian born lover and blesser, Mr Jacob.

What was supposed to be a weekend of love and bonding between the two ended up being a weekend of Tom and Jerry as Mr Jacob desperately hunted for Fay Nice who has since gone viral..

As popular as he is, his viral video made all sorts of headlines after flooding social media.

However, contacted for comment Mr Jacob indicated that he kept these snakes as pets not the other way round.

My guy, I have a pet snake. Everyone knows it. I actually have three snakes. I have the licenses”, narrated Mr Jacob. What she did is making me seem like I use black magic. The Anaconda loves water that’s why I was bathing with it. In fact, I wasn’t even bathing. I was bathing it”, he defended himself.

sponsor bathing with huge snake Watch the video below :

Slay queen share video of her sponsor bathing with huge snake



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