What is a strong personality and how to tell if you have one 

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Do you ever find yourself admiring someone with a strong personality? You are not alone, and this is completely normal as these types of people ooze confidence, respect and their traits are worth emulating. Get ahead of the game by finding out what a strong personality is, how to tell if you have one, and how to build one.

strong personality

A person with a strong character will always come up with coping mechanisms that do not include depending on other people. Such a person enjoys their own company and will always stand for the truth without being intimidated by others.

What is a strong personality?

Most individuals hardly understand that a strong personality is about being self-motivated and not needing approval from others. People of this nature tend to stand out because they keep themselves accountable and do require attention all the time.

They are also good listeners, even though not many individuals get to find this out.

What does it mean to have a strong personality?

How do you define strong willed? Strong-willed people are determined to do as they want even if other people advise against it. Many people confuse having a strong personality with being headstrong.

While headstrong individuals are arrogant and uncoachable, people with strong personalities are only self-driven and will hardly wait around for validation.

A strong personality pushes one to act on their own accord and makes a lot of individuals with this personality to be independent. However, they are not arrogant or difficult to train or approach.

People with a strong personality take charge of situations and, in turn, become an inspiration to many. They concentrate better, which means they exhibit razor-sharp focus.

Fortunately, some of these great traits can be learned. While most individuals think that someone is born with a certain personality, it is also true that a lot of the good traits many people desire can be learnt.

Strong character traits


Certain strong personality traits make people with strong personalities stand out. Apart from the fact that they are independent thinkers and doers, they also exhibit a lot more traits that make them unique.

These include:

1. Having the ability to say no

These individuals never look for validation. They are confident and sure of themselves to the extent that they will not cower or accept something they do not truly believe in.

Such individuals will say no and mean it. No amount of convincing or intimidation will force them to change their mind if they believe in something.

In the same way that they easily say no when a situation calls for it, they are not intimidated when someone says it to them. They understand that it may not always be possible to help them at all times, and that does not lower their self-esteem.

2. They have a sense of humor

Individuals with a tenacious personality are also the most relaxed and fun to be with. Unfortunately, many people confuse their ability to stand for themselves and fight for their rights as an intimidating aspect when, in the real sense, it is not.

Such individuals have a unique way of ensuring they balance their serious and humorous nature. Usually, they tend to be playful and will easily open up to individuals who are close to them.

However, you need to be witty to get their jokes since they sometimes play around, even with the most serious of situations.

3. They can read people

Individuals with strong personalities have extremely good listening skills, which makes it easy for them to understand those they are dealing with. All you have to do is look out for signs that could communicate certain messages and react based on the findings you get.

You can know when someone is messing around with you and when they are genuine by simply paying attention to their body language. Combine this with what they are saying, and you can come up with a conclusion that makes sense.

4. Ability to captivate and attract others

Sometimes making new friends can be an uphill task. However, this is not the case for individuals with strong personalities since they seem to know what to say and when to say it.

Unlike some individuals who may be a nuisance when they approach you, and you cannot wait for them to leave, these people seem to know just what to say and when to say it. They do not impose things on others but instead use compliments to attract others to do what they want.

For instance, they could complement your singing skills and suggest that you hang out together and probably go for karaoke.

Realizing that people need to feel good is a secret that such individuals use to get their way without imposing it on anyone. Strong individuals always seem to be charming and charismatic.

5. They have excellent body-control skills

One of the best traits that such a person exhibits almost every time is self-control. Usually, regardless of how embarrassing or frustrating a situation is, they know how to compose themselves and carry the day.

This explains how such individuals can save a situation that would have otherwise gone out of control. Due to their ability to compose themselves, they also tend to know how to calm an agitated crowd down.

This does not mean that they never suffer from panic attacks and stage frights. The only difference is that they have a unique and quick way of getting things under control whenever their nerves seem to get the better of them.


6. They work hard

If you look deep into the strong personality meaning, you will realize that people with such personalities are hard workers and great achievers. Normally, they may spend a little less time getting things done because they can focus on results, but they work hard nonetheless.

They immerse themselves in the tasks at hand and do their best at the time. They also tend to focus on a task at a time and hardly allow distractions to get in the way.

7. They look unapproachable

This is one of the unpleasant traits of such people. Due to their nature of being serious-faced, a lot of individuals confuse this with being harsh and snobbish.

However, the truth is that such individuals would enjoy good company but they will not go out of their way to seek it. Most would bury their heads in work rather than seek unnecessary attention.

8. They call people out on their ignorance

Strong people never let ignorant remarks get to them. In case people are acting ignorantly around them, they are likely to interrupt and stop it as they never tolerate ignorance no matter where it is coming from.

9. They admit when they are wrong

Strong people are not so full of themselves that the idea of apologizing repulses them. They humbly accept when they are wrong and try to fix their mistakes before moving on.

10. They make quick decisions

Since strong people are self-aware and self-confident, they tend to make quick decisions and do not linger with issues that can be solved.

How do I know if I have a strong personality?


The above traits shed a little more light on who a person with a strong personality is, but how do you know if you are one?

Are there specific things you need to look out for before drawing your conclusion? Well, the following pointers may come in handy.

1. You exercise a lot of caution when choosing your inner circle

People of this nature are unique since they wait for no approval; you can count yourself as one of them when you find yourself taking time to let people in. This is because you realize that people who deserve to be in your life will not mind what you do.

Those who manage to be friends with people of such characters are lucky because strong people keep friends longer. Once you earn the trust of a strong person, you can be assured that they will do anything for you.

2. You do not tolerate ignorance

A strong person will be easily angered by someone who displays their ignorance. They are often displeased and repelled by ignorance, especially when it is displayed as hate, apathy, intolerance, and carelessness.

The fact that they are compassionate, hardworking, and responsible only makes them avoid things that could be contradicting to their beliefs. People of such character are well-knowledgeable, respectful, and focused and do not have time for anyone who ignorantly displays their foolishness.

In case you find yourself repulsed by such behaviours, then you are most likely a person with a strong personality.

3. You don’t seek attention

Do you find yourself satisfied being on your own? If this is true, especially if you never crave other people’s attention, then you most likely are a strong person.

You would rather be caught busy doing things you love than soliciting for attention or approval from others. You know that you can be self-sufficient and self-driven; hence no need to struggle so hard to get people to like you.

In most cases, people with strong personalities know that they are enough just as they are, and they would never go out of their way to enhance anything about themselves just to please other people. Everything they do is for their good.

4. You listen more

In case you notice that you prefer listening to people more than ranting about yourself, then you probably are stronger than you thought. When someone comes to you, the chances are that you will set your phone aside and give them maximum attention.

You listen without interrupting and only talk when it is necessary. You have perfected the art of listening to people such that you never misunderstand things.

On the flip side, you tend to be intolerant with people who never truly listen or those who are always in a hurry to interject.

5. You live a life without any fear

Strong people never live their life with fear. They let loose and go for their desires and dreams despite what might be happening around them.

In case you always dare yourself to dream and reach for your dreams despite the negative energy all-round, then you are one of the people categorized as strong. No matter how much things are going wrong, the right attitude when facing life sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

6. Problems always appear as opportunities to you

Strong people are known to face problems head-on as they never let them get in their way. Usually, such people are not obsessed with comfort and security.

Due to this positive mindset, these people hatch plans whenever trouble strikes rather than sitting around lamenting when things go wrong. They find the means to fix current issues and prevent recurrent ones in the future.

In case you tend to be one of the people with this rare character, then you can be sure that you have a strong personality.

7. You give no room for excuses

As a strong person, you prefer people owning up to their shortcomings rather than coming up with excuses that make no sense. These people are so much harder on themselves than they are on others; hence will not take nonsense.

A strong person will consciously choose to redirect his or her efforts to finding solutions to fix issues rather than dwell on excuses and baseless justifications that are only a waste of time.

What is a strong personality type?


What is a strong personality type? This is a personality type where people can take anything that life throws at them.

Apart from being tough and resilient, they also have a kind of sensitivity to them, which makes them more sympathetic to those around them. Such people have a unique way of striking a balance between emotions and sound-mindedness.

Is having a strong personality a bad thing?

Well, being a strong person is not a bad thing on its own. However, despite having numerous ups, there are a couple of downsides to having a strong personality.

These include:

1. Lacking tact in conversation

Your ability to confidently express yourself and your extreme opinions are sometimes seen as rude and inconsiderate, especially when dealing with people who do not understand you. This can be salvaged by gauging your audience and trying to minimize your outspoken nature in certain crowds.

2. Assumed to be seeking dominance

Your strong nature can easily be mistaken for an attempt to dominate others. You are likely to feel more natural Kate McKinnonKate McKinnonwhen you control the conversation, but this may not always sit well with those around you.

You need to be careful to stop your involvement at leading and avoid dominating as this could foster resentment and bitterness from those around you.

3. You may appear manipulative

Sometimes people with strong personalities tend to stick with their ‘can do’ attitude such that they do not accommodate the inconsistencies of others around them. Doing this portrays them as being manipulative while their intentions may be totally different.

In case you are strong, try to stay on the persuasive line as opposed to overdoing it and slipping to the manipulative side. The last thing you want is to push people away because of a well-intended thing.

4. Over competing

Strong people work hard and stay focused. These traits may be confused or assumed for over competing when they actually are not.

Depending on whom they are dealing with, strong people should be careful and draw the line when competing with others. The fact that you are an achiever and perfectionist may rub people the wrong way and could bring out the dark side of competition.

The best thing to do is to learn when to draw the line.

5. Taking risks

A strong person will naturally be a risk-taker. This may mean that they often throw caution to the wind when considering certain things they deem beneficial.

The speed with which such individuals make certain decisions is not appropriate and could lead to taking on bad risks with harsh ripple effects.

How can I make my personality strong?

Once you understand the merits and demerits of a strong personality, you can decide if this is something you want to nurture. The fact that personality traits can be learned makes it easy for anyone to become whoever they want.

Here are a few suggestions to follow if you want to develop a strong personality:

  • Listen more and interrupt less, but remember to speak up too
  • Focus on being action-oriented more than talkative
  • Appreciate and give credit as much as you accept praise
  • Avoid seeking approval from other individuals
  • Do not be wrapped in your head; let others in too
  • Inspire and build others around you

Individuals with a strong personality tend to be fierce and can even be repulsive. However, with the right moderation, they are the best people to be around.


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