“Success to me is not money” – Davido says, speaks about what makes him successful



Afrobeats artist David Adeleke, better known as Davido, has said that his money is not what makes him successful.

Davido discussed what success meant to him and offered a definition of success that was unique to them, claiming it had nothing to do with money.

“Success to me is not money” – Davido says, speaks about what makes him successful
Nigerian afrobeat artist, Davido. Source: Google

Success, he said, was primarily about the transformation of lives in one’s community, and that success doesn’t necessarily correlate to having money.

He said: “Success to me is not money. To me, it’s the organizations and the lives you change around the community. That is success to me.”

In a bid to provide more insight into his point of view, the “Timeless” crooner tried to give life to his imagination with spoken words.

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He explained: “I want to be able to sit down when I’m like 40, 50 and maybe just be on my balcony.

“I always envision it in my head and speak it into existence. Just like I told you I was going to blow up.

“So, I’m going to have big estates and I can just see me wearing a nice Versace robe, you know. Maybe my cognac and my cup and me just walking to the balcony and looking down.

“So when I look down, it’s enguarded with all my wife, friends, kids; the staff. Like just having a party and everybody is successful in their own way. Knowing that all this came from a dream of me just wanting to do music. So, that’s like….I always have that vision.”

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