Grace To Grass: The Sad Story of Suzy Perez (Photos)

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The Sad Story of Suzy Perez

The Sad Story of Suzy Perez – Dominican born supermodel, Suzy Perez was the powerhouse of beauty, she had a magnificent beauty which commanded respect for her at every corner of the world in the 90’s era when she was on top of her game.

She was one of the most established and successful ladies to run their own affairs. She starred in music videos of top American musicians such as Jennifer Lopez, P. Diddy among other top musicians around the world. She was the cover girl for millions of magazines worldwide due to her captivating beauty and aura.

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Suzzy’s world shattered the day she signed a huge deal to work with an Italian modeling agency. Stories circulating within the media space reveals that, while under contract with the agency, she was raped, tortured, molested and drugged on a daily basis till her contract run out when she disappeared and was never heard of again.

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The once beautiful and magnificent supermodel has been found alive on the street of America and battling several mental and physical illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. No one knows of her family.

See images of her below:

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Suzy Perez ex modelo que fue golpeada y abandonada en las calles de nueva york 1920 1

Grace To Grass: The Sad Story of Suzy Perez (Photos)

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