The Wife of Kevin Lanflisi

Kevin Lanflisi

Kevin Lanflisi is well-known for the alleged sexual relationship he had with Aaron Rodgers, an American football quarterback.

After Aaron Rodgers’ talk regarding Kevin Laflinsi in 2008, this rumor was claimed to have circulated. Kevin Lanflisi was praised by Aaron Rodgers.


“I’m sharing a room with a guy I met in town.” He’s now an athletic trainer for the Packers, but when I met him, he was an intern, and we really clicked. He’s been fantastic for me in terms of having interesting talks outside of football. Our friendship is far more than just what we do.”

Aaron Rodgers made it plain during the interview that he and Kevin Laflinsi were not having a sexual relationship. According to Aaron Rodgers,

“All I’m going to say is that I’m not gay.” I’m a huge fan of females. That’s all I have to say on the subject.”

However, Kevin Lanflisi and Aaron Rodgers did have a professional relationship because the former worked as the latter’s personal assistant. As a result, Kevin Lanflisi frequently joined Aaron Rodgers at important parties and ceremonies. When Aaron Rodgers’ football team won the Super Bowl, Kevin Lanflisi was the first person he embraced.

Kevin Lanflisi and wife, Sarah Image:

Despite Kevin Laflinsi getting married to a gorgeous lady called Sarah (whose personal details have not yet been revealed), the media still insists that he is romantically involved with Aaron Rodgers.

Kevin Laflinsi is typically seen in the company of his wife, Sarah, making it clear that they have a great bond.


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