Toke Makinwa named among Yahoo! Finance’s “Top Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2020”

Toke Makinwa named among Yahoo! Finance – Lifestyle influencer, actress, and TV personality Toke Makinwa has been named one of Yahoo! Finance’s Top Entrepreneurs to follow in 2020.

It is indeed heartwarming to be recognized for the effort and consistency one dedicates to their goal, especially for the media personality who “knew she wanted more for herself, to create generational wealth and to make her own legacy,” and is “working hard to continue to expand her brand and become a household name.”  According to Yahoo! Finance,


Toke Makinwa is a successful influencer, media personality and entrepreneur. After getting her start working at a radio station this job opened many opportunities for her. This led her to start the Toke Makinwa Brand which she showcased on Youtube and later on Television. Her brand has taken off and has branched out into different industries. Now the Tok Makiwa brand has a bag line called Toke Makinwa Luxury, and Toke Kainwa Beauty which is a beauty line. Some of her greatest achievements include building her brand from scratch, being able to turn her passion into profit, and growing her brand and name across Africa. Toke comes from humble beginnings, after losing both her parents at just 8 years old, she knew she wanted more for herself and to create generational wealth and to make her own legacy, which is exactly what she’s doing with her brands.With Covid-19 her brand thrived, her only setback was that The Toke Makinwa Luxury line had slower shipping since China production was closed for a few months.In 2020 Toke is ending the year strong by reaching one of her major goals from this year to collaborate with incredible brands and form partnerships with businesses. In 2021 she is working hard to continue to expand her brand and become a household name.

Reacting to the news, Toke shared the photos on her official page saying,

What a moment 👏👏👏👏. Business however slow this year has been tremendously great. From my personal brand to building businesses, reading this article made me tear up cos that little girl with nothing but an idea, she couldn’t even call it “dreams” then, it was laughable. She’s here, topping yahoo finance list of Entrepreneurs to follow. Welldone T, it has been tough carving a niche, it’s tough building your table from scratch, with no hand outs, heavy scrutiny, no special invites,…. it’s almost like people are betting on you to fail. My journey has taught me grace, it has taught me that it might not make sense to the world but God is using it all to shatter barriers. This is to every young girl out there who just wants a better tomorrow, I hope this inspires you, we are only 2 females on this list and I am so humbled to be one of them, my businesses are still growing, my brand is still expanding and it still gets pretty tough but this right here has encouraged me to dream more. God has been the only way I’ve made it this far. From Ondo state, idanre LGA to be precise, to the world 🌎 🥂👏🍾💥😎.
Thank you @yahoofinance, welcome to the new followers. ❤️

Keep winning Tokstarr!

Toke Makinwa named among Yahoo! Finance’s “Top Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2020”


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