Tom Palmer Cause Of Death

Tom Palmer Cause Of Death

Tom Palmer Cause Of Death – American comic book artist Tom Palmer Sr. was most recognized for his work as an inker for Marvel Comics.

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The following was posted on Tom Palmer Jr.’s Facebook page in relation to his father’s dying yesterday. We regret to inform you that legendary comic book inker and illustrator Tom Palmer passed away on August 18, 2022, at the age of 81. His precise cause of death is yet unknown.

His loving family and admirers will cherish their memories of him. Tom Palmer Jr., the son of Palmer, entered the comics industry after his father. He is best known for his Wizard magazine column Palmer’s Picks and for his stint working as an editor at DC.

Palmer would eventually work with notable artists like Gene Colan and Neal Adams on other Marvel books.

Colan was an artist whose style was famously challenging to ink, but Palmer had a reputation for making it work, therefore he would gain notoriety working on Colan in particular.


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