Travis Pastrana Parachute Accident: How Many Broken Bones Has Travis Pastrana Had?

Travis Pastrana Parachute Accident, Travis Pastrana is a professional motorsports and stunt performer from the United States who won the American Rally Association Championship in 2017. Red Bull, Subaru, Yokohama Rubber Company, Alpinestars, DC Shoes, and others have all endorsed Travis Pastrana.

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Travis Pastrana has won numerous awards for representing the United States of America in events. Travis Pastrana is a movie and television actor who has also served as an executive producer for a number of projects.

Travis Pastrana Parachute Accident: How many broken bones has Travis Pastrana had?

Travis Pastrana’s entire career as a stunt rider and motorcycle has been littered with injuries and accidents. Travis Pastrana has broken over 60 bones and has had over 30 concussions as of now.

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Travis Pastrana, then 19 years old, was severely injured when his Corvette collided with a tree outside Davidsonville, Maryland, on June 11, 2003.


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