UK Army tests suit that can make their soldiers fly in the air, video goes viral

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– The UK Military is considering using flying jet packs in the nearest future to allow its soldiers to fly above grounds

– In a test trial, marine officers tested out the gadgets as a video shows a soldier flying in the air from one boat to another ship

– The jet suit can fly thousands of feet in the air and would be very significant in critical situations

Technology is not only meeting needs but it is fast bridging the gaps between science fiction and reality. The British Royal Navy and Royal Marines may soon be getting an upgrade that could make their officers ‘superhumans’.

CNN reports that the force tested a jet suit developed by Gravity Industries. The gadget allows individuals wearing it to fly in the air up to 12,000 feet at the speed of 80 mph

The jet suit will allow soldiers get to their destinations faster than before. Photo source: @CNN Source: Twitter

A video showing the trial has a soldier who has the jet pack flying off a ship. According to the media, when in proper use, the body gadget will allow soldiers to be able to quickly board planes in dangerous zones.

UK Army tests suit that can make their soldiers fly

It should be noted that during the test operation, the tech company tried out the suits with 42 officers at sea, spending a total number of three days.

This will not be the first time the company would build a suit. In 2020, it made the first-ever one for paramedics so they could reach patients faster in critical situations.

Watch the video below:

As of the time of writing this report, the video has been seen over 700,000 times, gathering hundreds of comments from tweeps.

Cuzideas.com compiled some of the reactions below:

@zhat_ME said:

“This reminds me of jetpack joyride, great invention.”

@ElyseeNiyikiza said:

“This is a highly advanced technology. Live long UK.”

@janet_shafer said:

“Not sure about the military applications, but the search and rescue could be possible.”

@LinkPowell asked:

“Very cool…but how does he defend himself? How does he mount an offensive, in the air or even while/once landing?”

@Ridge_Cook said:

“I’ve been waiting 50 yrs for my jet pack. Maybe in a few more years…”

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