Van Jones Children: Meet Mattai Jones And Cabral Jones

Van Jones Children

Van Jones Children – American journalist, author, and lawyer Anthony Kapel “Van” Jones focuses on news and politics.

In addition to being a three-time New York Times bestselling book, Jones is a CNN host and analyst as well as an Emmy Award winner who has co-founded numerous non-profit organizations.


In 2009, Jones worked as Special Advisor for Green Jobs for President Barack Obama. He was a distinguished visiting fellow at Princeton University.

The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Color of Change, and the Dream Corps are just a few of the non-profit organizations that Jones either created or co-founded.

Three advocacy programs are run by the Dream Corps, a social justice accelerator, including Dream Corps Justice, Dream Corps Tech, and Green for All.

Van Jones Children: Meet Mattai Jones And Cabral Jones

Jones has two boys, Mattai and Cabral, with his ex-wife.

Mattai Jones was named after Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan activist who started the Green Belt Movement to promote tree planting, environmental protection, and women’s rights.


In general, he keeps his children’s details very private and tries to keep them out of the spotlight as much as possible.


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