Vangelis Obituary, Cause Of Death, Wife, Children

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Vangelis Obituary

Vangelis Obituary – Vangelis was a Greek musician, producer, and composer who worked in the media for over five decades. His real name was Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassou. Vangelis was a pianist, keyboardist, drummer, and percussionist who specialized in these instruments.

Vangelis was a major figure in Greek music, receiving numerous awards and accolades.

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Vangelis Obituary

Vangelis died on May 17, 2022, at the age of 79, in a hospital in France while receiving treatment for COVID-19. The family will inform you about Vangelis’ death and funeral arrangements as soon as possible.

Vangelis Cause Of Death

What Happened To Vangelis? Vangelis was born in Agria, Hellenic State, Greece on March 29, 1943, and died in France on May 17, 2022, at the age of 79 years.

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Vangelis’ death has yet to be determined, but he was reportedly receiving COVID-19 treatment in France before to his death.

Vangelis Wife

Vangelis was married to an author called Veronique Skawinska.

Vangelis Children

There are no records of the children of Vangelis.

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