What Did Ezra Miller Get Arrested For?

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What Did Ezra Miller Get Arrested For

What Did Ezra Miller Get Arrested For – Ezra Miller, the Flash star, was detained for disorderly conduct and harassment, which included photographing individuals at a gas station, refusing to leave a restaurant’s sidewalk area, and arguing with customers.

A couple that let Miller stay with them at a hostel was involved in another serious incident. Miller allegedly burst into their bedroom, threatened them, and stole some of their belongings, including a passport and wallet, according to reports. The couple filed a petition to get a temporary restraining order against him.

Miller, 29, was at a pub on Silva Street in Hilo when he “got upset while guests at the establishment began singing karaoke,” according to another incident.

According to officials, “Miller began yelling obscenities and at one point seized the microphone from a 23-year-old lady performing karaoke,” which amounted to disorderly conduct.

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Photo Credit: Sky News

The actor (who uses they/them pronouns) then “lunged at a 32-year-old man playing darts,” resulting in a harassment charge.

What Did Ezra Miller Get Arrested For?

South Hilo patrol officers apprehended Miller and charged him with both counts. After posting $500 bail, they were released. Miller’s agents were contacted by EW. Warner Bros. did not respond to a request for comment.

The incident takes place in the tavern Priki Kaffihs in Reykjavik, Iceland, in the year 2020.

Miller was seen on video grabbing a lady by the throat and pushing her to the ground at the business in April. Miller was taken off the premises in the aftermath, according to Variety at the time.

Miller will play Credence, a.k.a. Aurelius Dumbledore, in the Fantastic Beasts sequel The Secrets of Dumbledore, which will be released on April 15.

With that film, the studio has already had to deal with a slew of issues, including backlash over J.K. Rowling’s comments on trans people and the decision to cast Mads Mikkelsen in the role of Gellert Grindelwald instead of Johnny Depp.

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