What did Jordan Fish say about Denny Hamlin?

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Jordan Fish

In September 2021, Jordan Fish, an e-commerce entrepreneur, called out her boyfriend, Denny Hamlin, on Twitter.

It’s still unclear what happened between the two. “I have been quiet for far too long,” Jordan Fish said in a series of tweets. And I’ve been through things that no one should ever have to go through, and today was no exception. Denny Hamlin, I hope that one day everyone recognizes you for who you are.

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Jordan Fish and Denny Hamlin
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“What you have given me and our children is not good enough.” I’m not sure why I ever thought someone like you could change. Because you just can’t. You have a long path ahead of you, and I would gladly not join you on it any longer.

What did Jordan Fish say about Denny Hamlin?

Before becoming an E-commerce entrepreneur, Jordan Fish was a member of the Charlotte Bobcats’ dance squad, the Lady Cats. Fish is said to have solicited Hamlin’s help at the Miss South Carolina contest in 2007. The two went out to supper after that, and the rest is history.

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