What Did Tasha K Say About Cardi B?

What Did Tasha K Say About Cardi B

What Did Tasha K Say About Cardi B – Cardi B has won a defamation claim against Tasha K, an American celebrity blogger, for $1.25 million. Cardi B’s year has begun on a more positive tone after her alleged defamation case made headlines throughout the internet.

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Tasha K’s true name is Latasha Kebe, and in some of the YouTube videos she put on her channel, she made some shocking charges and defamations concerning Cardi. Cardi B took the case to court, and it was tried on January 10, 2022, and it was concluded in just two weeks.

Cardi B
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What Did Tasha K Say About Cardi B?

Tasha K made a series of charges against Cardi B in 2019, including that she has been engaging in sexual acts with beer bottles on stripper stages.

Tasha K also claimed that Cardi B had genital herpes and was engaged in prostitution.


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