What Happened In Buffalo This Weekend?


Following a gunshot by a white teenager, a racial attack occurred in a store in Buffalo on May 14, 2022.

Payton S. Gendron, the gunman, is accused of shooting and killing ten black persons while injuring at least three others.


The episode has been labeled as one of the worst racist attacks in modern American history by authorities.

Payton, 18, is from Conklin, a small hamlet in the remote Southern Tier of New York State.

Buffalo Shooter Arrested
Image Credit: Tribune India

What Happened In Buffalo This Weekend?

He drove more than 200 miles to carry out the attack, according to surveillance footage.

Dominique Calhoun, one of the consumers, had parked her car in the parking lot with her two girls when she witnessed the chaos and yelling of other customers.

“It’s difficult… it’s extremely difficult,” she moaned.

President Biden has promised Americans that authorities will do all possible to combat “hate-fueled domestic terrorism.”

“A racially motivated hate crime is repulsive to the fundamental core of this country,” Biden added.


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