What happened to Chad from New Found Glory?

New Found Glory –  Chad Everett Gilbert is a musician and record producer from the United States.

He was born in the United States on March 9, 1981, in Coral Springs, Florida.


After signing New Found Glory to California-based record label Drive-Thru Records, Gilbert left J. P. Taravella High School after the 11th grade.

He is the lead guitarist for the New Found Glory rock band, which was formed in 1997.

H2O’s Nothing to Prove and A Day to Remember’s albums, Homesick, What Separates Me from You, and Common Courtesy, are among Gilbert’s many credits.
Gilbert declared in 2010 that he would release solo songs online for free, and under the moniker What’s Eating Gilbert, he has published various demos and 7′′ vinyl recordings.

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What happened to Chad from New Found Glory?

New Found Glory’s lead guitarist openly admitted in December 2021 that he was “minutes from death” when his wife discovered him unconscious.

He was discovered with a rare tumor called Pheochromocytoma after multiple tests! It’s a tumor that forms on your adrenal gland and disrupts your entire hormonal system.

Gilbert, on the other hand, revealed in January 2022 that he was cancer-free after having half of his liver, gallbladder, and one adrenal gland removed.


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