What Is Sam Richardson Known For? Is Sam Richardson From Ghana? Was Sam Richardson In The Office?

Sam Richardson

What is Sam Richardson’s claim to fame? Sam Richardson is an actor, comedian, writer, and producer from the United States. He is most known for co-creating and co-starring in the Comic Central comedy series Detroiters, as well as playing Richard Splett in the HBO political comedy series Veep.

What is Sam Richardson known for?


Sam Richardson is best known for his role as Richard Splett on HBO’s political sitcom Veep (2012–2019).

He’s also recognized for cocreating and co-starring alongside Tim Robinson in the Comedy Central comedy series Detroiters (2017–2018), as well as portraying numerous characters in the Netflix sketch program I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.

Sam Richardson Image Credit: Deadline

Is Sam Richardson from Ghana?

The humorous actor was born in Detroit to a Ghanaian mother and an African-American father, and he grew up visiting his family in the West African country on a frequent basis. . His boyhood was spent in both of these locations.

Was Sam Richardson in The Office?

Sam Richardson is an actor who portrays Colin in the television show The Office. Richardson appears in six episodes of The Office, including the series finale.


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