What Religion Is Tom Hanks?

What Religion Is Tom Hanks

What Religion Is Tom Hanks – Tom Hanks, an American actor and filmmaker, is a devout Christian. His family had a Catholic and Mormon religious background.

For several years, one journalist described Hanks‘ younger self as a “Bible-toting evangelical.”


He was disliked by both pupils and professors at school, later admitting to Rolling Stone magazine, “I was a geek, a spaz.” I was a dreadful, agonizingly timid person. I was also the guy who would throw out witty subtitles during filmstrips at the same time. But I stayed out of trouble. I was always a good child who was fairly responsible.”

What Religion Is Tom Hanks?

Tom Hanks
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His father married Frances Wong, a Chinese-American woman from San Francisco, in 1965. Two of Frances’ three children lived with Hanks during his high school years.

While attending Skyline High School in Oakland, California, Hanks appeared in several school plays, including South Pacific.

Hanks attended Chabot College in Hayward, California, for two years before transferring to California State University, Sacramento.

Hanks was asked if he would prefer an Oscar or a Heisman Trophy during a 2001 interview with sportscaster Bob Costas. He said that he would rather play halfback for the California Golden Bears and win a Heisman Trophy.


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