Where does Axelle Francine live now?

Where does Axelle Francine live now

Where does Axelle Francine live now?  Le Petit Med Spa’s CEO/Founder and Image Consultant is Axelle Francine.

Axelle Francine is a French actress who was born and raised in Paris.


Journalist, image consultant, entrepreneur, and mother are just a few of the adjectives that may be used to describe Axelle Francince, a native of Paris.

Axelle Francine earned her master’s degree in journalism in Paris, with a concentration on health and science, before relocating to New York and then San Antonio, according to Nail Buzz.

According to its website, Axelle Francine launched La Petite Med Spa in 2018, which is the pinnacle of Francine’s work as an image consultant and encourages clients to reach their full potential by looking their best.

Axelle Francine Image Source: Networth Height

Axelle Francine, an honorary member of Les Lumineuses, a French organization dedicated to women’s growth, advocates for women to enhance their own self-image in order to change how others view them.

Despite keeping her personal life discreet, Axelle Francine married Tony Parker in 2014 in a wedding in San Antonio, Texas, and the pair had two kids, Josh and Liam.

Where does Axelle Francine live now?

Despite her divorce from Parker, Axelle Francine is still residing in San Francisco.

Her family, however, continues to reside in the City of Lights, Paris, and it is assumed that she will pay them visits on occasion.


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