Wife Of 60 Years: Who Is Barry Cryer’s Wife Theresa Donovan?

Theresa Donovan, Barry Cryer’s wife is a private English vocalist who is only known to a select few as Barry’s wife. Barry Cryer and Theresa Donovan married in 1962 and lived together until Barry Cryer’s death on January 25, 2022.

Theresa Donovan


Theresa Donovan and Barry Cryer had four children over their six decades of marriage: Dave Cryer, Tony Cryer, Jackie Cryer, and Bob Cryer. Theresa and Barry acquired their house in Middlesex in 1967 and have lived there ever since.

Barry Cryer
Image Source: the-sun.com

When asked about Theresa, Barry Cryer claimed that he and Theresa have never been able to understand each other, but that they do not argue loudly. “The problem is that we’ve never been able to communicate with each other; we don’t fight, but we do dispute all the time.” “I once told her, ‘We disagree about everything,’ and she responded, ‘No, we don’t!”,” Barry explained.

Barry Cryer was an English writer, comedian, and actor who contributed to a number of television series and programmes as a writer.


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