Who is Claudia Haro and where is Claudia Haro now? How rich is Joe Pesci’s ex-wife?

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Claudia Haro

In addition to being a well-known American actress, Claudia Haro is also well-known for having been Joe Pesci’s ex-wife.

In the United States, Claudia Haro was born in 1967. The public does not have access to information about Claudia Haro’s early years, childhood, or schooling. Claudia Haro starred in popular movies including Casino and With Honors.

Claudia Haro rose to fame before she was an actress as a result of her marriage to renowned performer and actor Joe Pesci.

On September 7, 1988, the couple exchanged vows. Claudia Haro and Joe Pesci welcomed Tiffany, their first and only child together, not long after they got married. Joe Pesci and Claudia Haro split in 1992 after four years of marriage.

After splitting from Joe Pesci in 1992, Claudia Haro married American stuntman Garrett Warren in 1998, but that union also experienced trouble a year later.

Following their breakup, Claudia Haro hired a contract killer to kill Garrett Warren. He received four shots to various parts of his body. Garrett Warren avoided being killed in the plot but lost his right eye.

Unsatisfied Although Garrett Warren survived the second attempt, Claudia Haro recruited a second contract killer to finish the job of the first one and paid him $15,000.

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Claudia Haro

Claudia Haro was detained and accused with two charges of attempted murder in December 2005. She was then brought before the court and entered a plea of guilty to every charge.

She was originally given a sentence of 12 years and 4 months in prison, but it was later reduced, and she was released in August 2019.

Since her release, Claudia Haro has made an effort to avoid the media and the limelight because it is thought that she is now an investor in a number of businesses.

Who is Claudia Haro and where is Claudia Haro now? How rich is Joe Pesci’s ex-wife?

According to estimates, Claudia Haro has a net worth of $1 million, which she has amassed from her work as an actress and her divorce from Garrett Warren.


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